Stuff You Missed in Sunday School

Stuff You Missed in Sunday School is a conversation between host Heather Brown and her guests about the things they wish they had known sooner about God and the Bible. Let's learn from each other and be discipled in our Christian walks!
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Stuff You Missed in Sunday School

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Oct 4, 2016

Selynda Vass is a speaker, author and homeschooling pastor's wife who also works to educate foster parents. In her free time *wink* she has started a ministry for pre-teen girls called "Sparkle."

Selynda's main stuff she missed was relationship with Jesus and she shares her story of how her step dad adopting her gave her a picture of God the Father. 

Find her on Instagram at @sparklesel or facebook by clicking here

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Selynda's Recomendation:

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*There are some audio issues with this recording. I am asking for grace as it was my very first interview!*

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